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Good News about Recycling

Nillumbik Residents can now recycle clean flexible/soft plastic, including all types of plastic bags, cling wrap, bubble wrap and basically all the soft plastic that was previously not recycled.

We are asked to place all our flexible/soft plastic into a plastic bag, and when full, tie up the bag and place it into the yellow recycling bin. It is important not to put your flexible/soft plastic into the recycling bin loose as this may result in the truck load being designated as contaminated, and as a result, will be put into landfill. This is the exact opposite to what we are trying to achieve.

This initiative is funded by the Victorian Government's 'Metropolitan Local Government Waste and Resource Recovery Fund'.

This new flexible/soft plastic recycling program aims at greatly reducing the amount of plastic, particularly plastic bags, ending up in landfill. Nillumbik is one of the first councils in Victoria to take up this initiative.

The flexible soft plastic will be recycled back into products such as new bags, packaging material, toys, containers, playground equipment, etc.

Well done to the previous Council for taking up this initiative. Let's hope the newly elected Council will as environmentally proactive as the last.

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