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Green Wedge Management Plan Review (cont)

You would have to ask why the Council wants to review both the 'Green Wedge Management Plan' (GWMP) and the 'Planning Scheme.' Do they want to decrease the protection of the Green Wedge and allow more development? It appears that way. The current Green Wedge Management Plan was supposedly valid till 2025.

Two Councillors have told NEAG that they have a mandate to look at both the GWMP and the Planning Scheme, as many of their supporters at the last election had problems with both of them.


As you know, the Council has already attempted to approve two developments (Pigeon Rd Warrandyte Nth & Barreenong Rd Cottles Bridge) that flouted the guidelines contained within the GWMP. Both of these applications for development were ultimately refused at VCAT and subsequently the Supreme Court. What were the Council up to ? Did they knowingly disregard the GWMP guidelines, or are they simply incompetent?

I urge all Nillumbikians to get involved in the GWMP Review. Have your say and let the current Council have no misapprehension as to what we want. We want the Green Wedge to continue to have strong protection from developers and those that want to start up businesses. There are plenty of places around Melbourne where subdivision and developing businesses are welcomed. A green wedge has another function. It exists to provide natural open space that all Melbournians can enjoy. It isn't there to simply make money for a few.

Progress of GWMP Review

The Community GWMP Panel finalised their 'Recommendations Report' on the 17/11/18. The report was officially presented to Council at the November 27th Council Meeting.


      Read the Panel Recommendations Report 

At the December 18 Council meeting many interesting questions were asked the Council's management of the Green Wedge, as well the official response to the Panel's recommendations. The 'Response to the Panel's Recommendations' was endorsed. The Council Minutes make interesting reading.

                                                             Council Minutes 18/12/18

The official Council 'Response to the GWMP Panel Recommendations' are contained in the following document.

                                               Council Response to Panel Recommendations

The Council is to present the revised Green Wedge Management Plan sometime around the end of March 2019. After its release there is to be a 3 month 'Public Consultation' period, during which further submissions can be made by interested groups or individuals. 

This is your last opportunity to put your views to Council about their GWMP draft. NEAG encourage all interested parties to make your concerns known during this consultation period. Let's make sure that Council are made totally aware of the feelings of shire residents.


                                                    The Council GWMP Bulletin Dec 2018  

             Let's all protect the natural values of the Green Wedge  . . . . Get involved !



             If you want more info go to Shire of Nillumbik website.

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