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Preferred Candidates for Council Elections 2020

Below are the preferred candidates for each of the wards.

This does not mean that other candidates have no environmental credentials, but we believe the listed candidates give us the best chance of getting an enviro friendly candidate elected to Council. 

Preference flows will almost certainly decide the results in each ward, so following your preferred candidate's 'how to Vote' card is the best way to elect that person, or someone with similar values.

Blue Lake Ward

Grant Brooker                             GB's HTV Card                       GB's Candidate Statement

Bunjil Ward

Steve Mullins                              SM's HTV Card                      SM's Candidate Statement

Sarah Hunter                              SH's HTV Card                       SH's Candidate Statement

Edendale Ward

John Dumaresq                           JD's HTV Card                        JD's Candidate Statement

Natalie Duffy                              ND's HTV Card                       ND's Candidate Statement

Ellis Ward

Peter Perkins                              PP's HTV Card                        PP's Candidate Statement

Sugarloaf Ward

Don Vincent                               DV's HTV Card                        DV's Candidate Statement

Ben Ramcharan                          BR's HTV Card                        BR's Candidate Statement

Swipers Gully Ward

Frances Eyre                              FE's HTV Card                         FE's Candidate Statement                    

Wingrove Ward

Geoff Paine                                GP's HTV Card                        GP's Candidate Statement

Helen Coleman                           HC's HTV Card                        HC's Candidate Statement

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