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Councillor Promises & Contact Info

Richard Stockman - Blue Lake

0438 143 678

Candidate Statement

My wife Maria Stockman and I operate a local business in hospitality. We understand the challenges of work/life balance. My work background includes small business, media, the Australian Defence Force and various senior management roles in the transport sector. I’ve also worked in the Aviation industry as an Air Traffic Controller. As a compassionate long term Nillumbik resident, I have decided to stand due to many concerns affecting Blue Lake Ward, including the lack of a strong representative for a number of years. There is much to achieve in Blue Lake. Our families have a right to improve recreation areas and Council Services. I feel we have paid excessive rates in return for amenities. Responsible control of Shire expenditures will ensure Blue Lake Ward families obtain their fair contribution from Council. I am 100% committed to transparency in local government. I have been involved in many areas in order to make ours a safer and better Community. I’m a mental health ambassador, a member of Rotary, have sat on various committees - Nillumbik Economic Development, Nillumbik Tourism and Business and as a Stakeholder for Nillumbik Youth. If elected I will listen to the people of Blue Lake Ward about local issues, support our community and sporting clubs and strike a balance between responsible development and our environment that meet the needs of the community.

Karen Egan - Bunjil

0438 341 595

Candidate Statement

I am seeking re-election as your Bunjil Ward Councillor. My commitment to you in 2016, to was to listen, engage with, and actively represent your interests. I have fulfilled this commitment. The Graysharps Road development proposed by the previous council did not occur, is now community open space, with the Master Plan complete. Nillumbik now has a Bushfire Mitigation Strategy. Nillumbik now has an Equine Strategy, a first, ready for implementation. Rural Nillumbik now has a voice, but there is still much to do. Re-elect me and I will continue to listen to you, to work with you, and with council to advocate your interests, I will continue to oversee the implementation of the Fire Mitigation Plan, which will make our green wedge safer for residents, homes, livestock, infrastructure, and our native flora and fauna. I will continue to advocate to manage road congestion and promote safer roads, by completing the solar farm we will achieve meaningful emission reductions, complete the Hurstbridge Mens Shed, and Community Multi-use facility at Ben Frilay Oval as well as the Hurstbridge to Diamond Creek Trail. I will continue my policy position of low rates, and continue to support the Arts, active ageing and youth programs. I will continue to champion and promote economic development, small and home business, agri-business and innovation to support local business and local jobs. In a time of coronavirus pandemic, and economic recession, strong local government leadership is vital.

Natalie Duffy - Edendale

0466 043 493

Candidate Statement

Hi, I’m Natalie Duffy, I believe community needs to be put back at the heart of Council and I am running to do just that. I am an active local who has contributed to our community since 2008 when my husband and I moved here to raise our two children. You might know me through Eltham North Primary School, Eltham North Jets Basketball Club, Nillumbik Reconciliation Group or Save Community Reserves group. I think it is really important to give back to the community where I live. Council’s role is to serve our community, not to profit from it. As a passionate advocate I have helped generate almost $1M in grants and fundraising for our community. I fought to save our community reserves from sale, and I’ve fought to keep community assets like Edendale Farm, Eltham Preschool and Eltham War Memorial Trust in community hands. I have worked hard to help rebuild the Eltham North Adventure Playground after a devastating fire. I have spoken out about Council’s poor decision making and wasteful spending decisions. My priorities include sustainable economic development, protecting the Green Wedge and implementing practical solutions to make life more enjoyable for all of us. You can find out more from my Facebook page Natalie Duffy for Edendale Ward. Treating people with respect underpins who I am. Ensuring transparent and meaningful community consultation is what I will bring to Nillumbik Council, along with a background in business. We can achieve progress through prioritising local jobs, making sure our local landscape is protected and keeping our parks rubbish-free.

Peter Perkins - Ellis

0437 455 064

Candidate Statement

Life member of Diamond Creek Fire Brigade, I served as Captain / OIC for 10 years from 2001 after joining in 1992. First elected to Council in 2010, it’s been my honour to represent you as the Ward Councillor and chair our Emergency Management Committee ever since. (Mayor 2012-2013) I’ve diligently spent my adult life improving Diamond Creek services and strengthening community to keep you safe and well - all whilst absolutely loving it. I delivered on Community Bank Stadium, Marngrook Oval Pavilion and lights, baseball facilities, Rotary Park Playground and toilets, streetscapes, parking, the dog park and new pedestrian paths and bridges. Works underway include the Regional Playspace celebrating our gold mining past including toilets and infrastructure supporting the Rotary Tram Café, new Regional Netball Complex, Diamond Creek Shared Trail to Hurstbridge and Elizabeth Street indented carparking. I commit to a leisure facility adjacent an upgraded Outdoor Pool so a Library and complementary community uses can occupy the Community Centre to better support youth, senior citizens, occasional child care and our RSL. We will provide enhanced Maternal and Child Health Services from a new facility and upgrade our 3 kindergartens. We’ll seal and formalize access and carparking spaces at the Men’s Shed, Ellis Cottage and both ovals. Traffic will become one way in Station Street to enhance pedestrian safety and improve traffic flows. Ryan’s Reserve will get toilets, 3 on 3 Basketball, expanded playground and a scooter loop. I’ll continue to protect and enhance neighbourhood character and ensure future developments are appropriate for our area. I’ll maintain my accessibility to you and help you navigate any issues you may have with Council. I pledge to continue to actively engage, listen and act on your views. Support a candidate that has demonstrated commitment to our town for nearly 30 years.

Ben Ramcharan - Sugarloaf

0476 175 359

Candidate Statement

This year, we’ve learnt the true value of where we live. While others have been surrounded by concrete, we’ve enjoyed the wonderful natural environment that’s part of living in our Green Wedge Shire. I’m so grateful to live here. I’m an IT specialist at a youth mental health organisation. I understand the impact lockdown is having on our community and local businesses. As we exit lockdown, I’m committed to supporting local businesses to reopen, pushing for rate relief for anybody whose income has been affected, and helping reconnect our communities. I’ve spent years championing issues such as road safety, environmental protection and neighbourhood character. I’ve worked alongside local people in various groups including Nillumbik Greens and Nillumbik Climate Emergency Action Team. Supporting our community is very important to me. I want Sugarloaf residents to have a strong voice on Council. Sugarloaf Ward deserves more attention from Council and more investment in local projects. My priorities include: (A) Road safety for people and wildlife. (B) Improved drainage to reduce flooding. (C) Green Wedge protection. (D) Family facilities such as playgrounds and BMX tracks accessible in all areas. (E) Strong local action on the Climate Emergency. (F) Improved access to trails for all trail users. (G) Better value for ratepayers - no more wasting money on expensive consultants. To find out more about me and my stance on other key local issues, visit my website - or contact me on 0476 175 359 or at Vote [1] Ben Ramcharan for a councillor who will listen and act.

Frances Eyre - Swipers Gully

0466 049 798

Candidate Statement

I first decided to stand for election in Swipers Gully as I was outraged that Council tried to sell our community reserves. I believe we need a representative that lives in our community who is focused on getting things done. I have lived in Swipers Gully with my family for 11 years. I’m a Community Development Officer with 25 years work in our community, including mental health education, youth work, bushfire recovery, and supporting groups such as the Eltham Men’s Shed. I am determined to advocate for a Nillumbik Council that consults with community genuinely. I will re-activate Swipers Gully Ward meetings. My local priorities to connect our community include; a safe pedestrian crossing through the Hurstbridge railway line to connect Swipers Gully with the Eltham North Community Precinct, the immediate delivery of the Leane Drive traffic lights and improving the links between local parks. I support a zero increase in council rates. Good financial management of the budget is essential. This year with the difficulties we have faced during the pandemic, many businesses and families will need long-term support. I am passionate about giving youth a seat at the table. If elected I will; create a Nillumbik Youth Strategy and work with the community to improve youth facilities. Another focus for me is the renewal of Nillumbik’s Climate Change Action Plan, including investigation of community-based solar and energy generation to reduce our local carbon footprint and electricity bills. I will ensure Council supports a thriving and healthy Green Wedge. From my extensive community work within Council, I have the skills, knowledge and experience to know how Council operates and how to get things done.

Geoff Paine - Wingrove

0438 148 283

Candidate Statement

My family and I have loved living here for the past 17 years, and we want to keep it as natural as we can.

This is the Green Wedge Shire and we a Council that reflects the values of the place we choose to live in. I’m a passionate Elthamite running for local government to make a difference.

Our Council has been held captive to political and property interests for fur years and we need to break this cycle. I’m not a member of a political party, or hoping for a career in politics. I work at Monash University in communications, and that’s what we need for this Council – open communication.

We’ve had secret deals for too long, and councillors desperate to get into state politics. Let’s get back to local government at the local level.

I will work to make the council more open, more consultative, and generally more connected to the community. I will clarify where we stand financially, work to get the best funding deals we can, and support local sports, arts, social and volunteer groups in the work they do.

We’re heading towards a tougher economy, and our volunteer community groups are at the front line of the challenges we’ll face. Council needs to back them all the way.

I’m asking you to Vote 1 Geoff Paine to make our Council honest, accountable and one we can be proud of.


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