The Green Wedge is a wonderful place. Let's do all we can to protect its natural beauty and maintain the 'lungs of Melbourne'.

Australia's Climate Emergency - WHAT YOU CAN DO

Nillumbik Council Elections 2020 - Preferred Candidates

NEAG, along with a number of other local environmental groups, have done a fair bit of research into all the candidates standing for the current Council elections.

As a result we have come up with a list of preferred candidates for each ward.


Nillumbik to be Carbon Neutral ?

The 'Beyond Zero Emissions' organisation (BZE) and Nillumbik Council's Senior Sustainability Officer have begun a process whereby a plan can be developed for the shire to become carbon neutral (or zero emissions) after a period of time.

BZE is an Australian . . . . .

The Green Wedge

The Green Wedges concept has been part of Melbourne's planning history for over 40 years. Melbourne's early planning policies sought to protect the valuable natural attributes of non-urban areas by channelling urban growth into clearly defined corridors centred on transport networks. The principle of protecting non-urban areas was . . . .


There are numerous websites where you can get historical and current information about the Shire of Nillumbik.

These are but a few :

Nillumbik community profile

Nillumbik State of the Environment

Nillumbik Links

Nillumbik Council Election 

Dates 2020

The 2020 Council Elections are about to commence. Voting will be done by postal ballot. Your Ballot Packs will be mailed out between Oct 6 and Oct 8.

Your completed postal ballot must arrive at the Election Office (7/256 Bolton St Eltham) no later than 6pm Friday October the 23rd. 

The election results will be declared no later than Friday November the 13th. 

See the 'Nillumbik Council Elections 2020' article on this page to get information on our preferred environmentally friendly candidates.                        

 Stop the Adani Coal mine

As you are aware, the Qld state government (ALP) and the Federal government (Lib) have given their support to the Adani Group to proceed in creating one of the world's biggest coal mines in the Galilee Basin.

This ridiculous proposal in a time of climate change crisis beggars belief. NEAG has become involved in the #STOP ADANI activities as suggested on their website.

Please get involved to stop this absurd proposal.

           #STOP ADANI website

Wards and Councillors in the Shire of Nillumbik 2016-2020

Small Heading

The Shire of Nillumbik consists of 7 wards, each with approximately the same number of households.

The current councillors for each ward are:

 Blue Lake 

Grant Brooker   *


Karen Egan   *


John Dumaresq   *


Peter Perkins   *


Jane Ashton

Swipers Gully

Bruce Ranken


Peter Clarke  

*  renominating for 2020 Election

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